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Understand Deeper

Do you know the sources generating your traffic?

Quickly understand what delivers ROI, block bad placements, and accelerate your growth.

Drill Down Analytics

Break down performance from each placement.


Track engagement events driven by your partners.

Conversion Timing

Stop coupon poaching and mobile fraud.

Variance Reports

Compare performance across any two time periods.

Click Level Details

View the specific details of every click you receive.

Schedule Reports

Build custom reports and automate email delivery.

56+ billion clicks
were tracked in 2021.

Drill Down & Compare
Dimensional Analytics

Most performance partners promote across multiple websites or sub-affiliates. You need the ability to quickly drill down into each partner or channel to see performance across each placement. Optimizing away a few low quality placements takes partners from good to great.

Understand What Drives Results:
  • Filter performance for any partner to see their results by placement.
  • View performance across any metric: CPC, Events, Avg. Sale Value, and more.
  • View results across dimensions: Country, City, Device, and more.
  • Empower your team to easily catch suspicious traffic and spend their time on growth.

Track User Engagement
Unlimited Events

Evaluating your partner performance based on who drove the final purchase only gives you a partial picture of true value. Some influencers and content producers deliver a handful of direct sales, but generate massive engagement with their traffic. Engaged users are future top customer opportunities and tracking their value matters.

How Tracking Events Benefits You:
  • Get a deeper understanding into the value of engagement from each traffic source.
  • Reward partners when they deliver high value events like upgrades and subscriptions.
  • Catch incentive traffic that delivers high conversion rates and low engagement.

Stop Coupon Poaching
Click-To-Conversion Time

All eCommerce affiliate marketing programs need a strategy for handling coupon websites and their user generated submissions. Click-to-conversion time reporting allows you to see how long the user spent on your website before completing their purchase, and catch last second coupon-attributed purchases. Building an effective coupon poaching defense ensures that you properly reward the sources that deliver true value.

Effective Strategies For Preventing Coupon Poaching:
  • Set a minimum click-to-conversion time for conversions to be treated as valid.
  • Set alert automations to notify you whenever any partner placement delivers purchases with suspiciously short click-to-conversion times.
  • Reward coupon loyalty websites that deliver traffic that spends time on your website shopping before completing their purchases.

Compare Points In Time
Variance Reports

Everything with performance is relative to your own business metrics. Use variance reports to quickly compare any two periods of time to see positive and negative changes in performance across every partner. Simple actionable data helps you consistently make the right decisions that amplify your ROI growth.

How Variance Reports Benefit You:
  • Quickly see how your program is performing this month vs. the same days last month.
  • Vigilantly catch any partners that are having drop-off in their traffic and performance.
  • Reward partners when they ramp up their traffic to encourage them to maximize scale
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