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What will speed up growth for both your clients and your agency?

Being able to track and analyze more marketing channels from your platform, schedule actionable client reports, and quickly optimize towards what delivers revenue will turbocharge your agency growth.


Take Inventory Of Current Challenges

Choosing a new platform for managing your clients is a big decision. Upgrading to a new platform needs to save you time, provide better client insights, or unlock new opportunities for growth.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Would I be able to offer more services if I could track the performance from every channel?

  • Would better reporting impress my clients, or enhance optimization?

  • Am I wasting time in spreadsheets because I can't view the data effectively to make decisions?


With Everflow, you will be able to manage all of your client and partner opportunities. Each client and partner will have access to personalized dashboards that display the specific performance from their campaigns.

You'll have full ownership of the relationship as you recruit partners, affiliates, or influencers to your platform.


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Our website shows only small glimmers of how we can help accelerate your growth through partnerships and better tracking. The best way to see where we can help your specific business needs is through a consultative demo with our team. You can request below, and keep reading in the meantime.

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What's The Easiest Way To Launch? Try Everflow Plus.

Everflow Plus is our white glove service offering that provides you with extra resources for taking your agency from launch to hyper-scale. (Even if you don't choose this option you'll still have access to our stellar customer success support -- from platform onboarding to whenever you need assistance.)

With Everflow Plus you'll get:

  • A proactive account manager who will get your program ready to launch with offers, tracking, and attribution in place

  • Full data and setup migrations from your existing platforms

  • Ongoing training calls for your team.

  • Technical resources for activating existing integrations, and scoping available for your custom integration needs

  • Global partner payment processing at scale without any outside contracts or setups

  • Introductions to the right Preferred Partners for your client and internal campaigns

Why Everflow Plus

As you'll see in the demo, Everflow's features are a massive upgrade for most agencies.

Everflow Plus is designed to make the launch and transition to a powerful platform easier for your team. We help set your platform up the right way, make key partner introductions to help you attract the ROI you need for starting and scaling new channels, and we get your tech stack connected to allow you to make smarter decisions about your performance reporting.


Get A Complete Perspective With All-In-One Performance Tracking

From media buys, to affiliate promotion, to referrals, you’ll easily uncover the value of your total marketing efforts and client channels by easily accessing all data in one location.

Comprehensive Tracking Drives Performance:

Find Key Data FasterGet the data you need about a single marketing channel or total combined efforts by drilling down with just a few clicks.

Show More Performance & Optimize Campaigns With EventsTrack every action in your sales funnel using key performance indicators for internal and partner marketing efforts. Popular events for agencies to track include repeat customers in client campaigns, leads closed for internal efforts, and upsells of client products/services.

Unlock The Mystery Of Success Through Placement TrackingDrill even further into the performance of posts and ad placements to see exactly what is working, and what needs to be adjusted for your team and clients.

Popular placements for agencies to track include client social media posts, analyzing each ad unit in an internal paid ad campaign, and monitoring performance of a referral partnerships promotion such as a review or blog post.


    Grow With Integrations

    The most effective agency customers utilize Everflow's integrations to work faster and optimize performance for internal efforts and client campaigns.

    Integrations are easy to set up and allow your agency to boost performance by pulling in key data from your favorite tech tools into your Everflow instance.

    Our most commonly used types of integrations for agencies include:

    • Facebook, Google Ads, TikTokGet more data and optimize performance for internal and client media buys.

    • PaymentsCollect tax forms, verify payment information, and send payments to partners easily through choice of multiple payment processors (great for influencer clients).

    • SuppressionManage internal and client email & SMS campaigns through multiple solution providers.

    You can see our full list of integrations and partners here:

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    Custom Integrations

    Do you need a critical integration that we don't offer? As a part of Everflow Plus, we can scope out your requirements for the integration. We will then with you with a clear and fair proposal for building out this custom integration and how long it takes.

    Expand Your Service Offerings

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    Expand Your Service Offerings

    The Everflow platform provides the structure to grow a new revenue stream through easy-to-use tracking and reporting solutions.

    Having access to powerful and flexible tracking methods means you can expand out to more types of partnerships for driving performance from more types of partnerships:

    • Affiliate MarketingGet a complete structure to reach users for clients in hundreds of countries. Pay affiliates only when a determined conversion action occurs, choose the exact outcomes that you would like your campaigns to achieve, and determine how much to pay per conversion.

    • Influencer MarketingGet buy-in for client products and services through celebrity endorsement posts and subject-matter experts. Track performance and pay influencers inside of Everflow.

    • Offline SalesGenerate a QR code with tracking link for any of your internal and client campaigns to bring in more business from conferences, classes, in-store signage, or any other offline opportunity.

    • Partner & Referral MarketingSet up a system to manage, track, and reward the performance of all strategic partners.

    Easily Onboard New Partners & Provide Transparency With Partner Dashboards

    Whether it’s influencers, networks, brands, affiliates, or any other type of partner, they’ll have everything needed to get started, monitor their performance and grow their campaigns through their own dashboard.

    Partners get access to their own suite of analytics tools as well, providing them with actionable data on-demand or on a scheduled basis.

    Best of all, you’ll own your relationships with a complete ecosystem for partner promotion, performance tracking, and payment processing.


    Test To Make Sure Everything Is Ready For Launching

    Everything needs to work before you activate your partners. If partners promote your clients' offers but cannot see their results, their motivation will fizzle out.

    Our onboarding team will support you by testing the most common setup issues, such as:

    • Are you tracking user clicks when they reach your website?

    • Are you recording conversions when these user's purchase?

    • Does the conversion have the correct revenue and payout?

    • Are your partner tracking links set up to pass you the right data points? Usually the partner ID, offer ID, and their placement IDs.

    • Are you returning all the conversion data points that would help your partners scale their efforts?

    • For advanced partners, are you firing their postback properly to pass back all of the parameters they need?

    Recruit Better Advertising & Publisher Partners To Boost Agency Performance

    Everflow provides two powerful ways for agencies to discover proven partners to grow client campaigns.

    MarketplaceMarketplace is an easily-searchable directory of vetted advertising and publishing partners located inside the Everflow dashboard.

    When you are looking for a partner to drive traffic or provide offers for client campaigns, you'll be able to easily find aligned partners by niche, vertical, geo, or any other relevant criteria.

    Once you've found a partner that fits your needs, it only takes a few clicks to send an invitation and activate your new advertising or publisher partner.

    EF Match (Everflow Plus)With EF Match, our team will dive into your client campaigns and find advertising and publisher partners that have a record of success in your key niches and verticals.

    Once we've discovered a potential partner for you, we'll reach out to gauge interest, and then directly introduce you to the proper contact to get the new relationship off and running.



    With Everflow Plus, we're here to help you scale your client internal marketing efforts and client campaigns faster.

    One of the ways we do this is by introducing you to a curated set of partners that would be a great fit for your agency's campaigns.

    The goal of these introductions is to create high-valued partner relationships that take your agency to the next level.


    Understand What Drives Results

    Taking your marketing efforts from good to great requires knowing how success is occurring for your client and internal campaigns.

    This window to success is provided by data. Fortunately, we make understanding your data simple.

    We recommend tracking and optimizing around the following:

    • Events Tracking sales isn't enough. You should be tracking any important events that show engagement. For example, client newsletter signups, visiting your pricing page, or purchasing a subscription from a client. Once you track these details, you can better understand influencer or content channels that may deliver far more engagement events than sales.

    • Placement IDs Professional affiliates and media buyers drive traffic from a wide variety of websites and placements. Some placements are good, while some deliver fraud that neither you or your partner would notice without looking at performance at the placement level.

    • Drill down into placements Using our Dimensional Analytics tool, you can easily drill down into any client or partner to see their performance by placement. Deactivating the lowest quality placements can quickly ramp up performance for any of your client campaigns.

    • Review Click-To-Conversion Time reports Regular check-ins makes it easy to catch coupon poaching and other common types of fraud, and demonstrate more value to your clients. Users should almost never be purchasing from your clients' site within 20 seconds of clicking an ad. Therefore, any duration shorter than that is a sign of a last-second coupon code entry or coupon extension.

    Set YOUR PROGRAM Up For Success

    Regardless of what plan you choose, our team will help guide you through the onboarding process to ensure your program is built with the right fundamentals.

    You can avoid a lot of fraud and make managing your campaigns easier for your clients by setting up clear rules in Everflow: Only accepting traffic from specified countries, using day parting to only accept traffic during your normal time zone hours, and alerts to notify you whenever something suspicious occurs.

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